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Chimney Sweeps

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Chimney Sweeps offer an invaluable service to prevent blocked chimneys and smoking flues.  Unmaintained chimneys and flues can lead to potentially lethal chimney fires and the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, therefore regular chimney sweeping is essential

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How To Sweep A Chimney?
Chimney sweeping is a centuries old profession, perhaps most famously immortalised in the film Mary Poppins, but don’t worry they no longer use small children to clean or clear blocked chimneys.  However, in all seriousness chimney sweeping today is still a massively important service - it’s not just an old relic of the Victorian times.  It’s an absolutely necessity for millions of houses today, particularly those using solid fuel fires and burners because chimneys need to allow the free passage of dangerous combustion gasses if you want to avoid chimney problems.

Regular cleaning removes contaminates and blockages such soot, creosote and bird’s nests, so preventing a potentially catastrophic chimney fire.  Sweeping will also increase the efficiency of some appliances therefore reducing running costs.  Gas and oil flues should also be cleaned on a regular basis to maintain optimum efficiency and to reduce the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Although you can hire chimney sweeping brushes to do the work yourself we would advise against it unless you are physically fit, have plenty of dust sheets and don’t mind getting dirty.  Add to this that you will need a sturdy ladder and safety equipment if you want to inspect the chimney from the roof. 

Personally I can think of a thousand things I’d rather be doing especially when you consider that the cost of an annual chimney clean may be as little as £40 to £50.

Choosing a Chimney Sweep – Some Advice:
Choosing a chimney sweep can seem something of a daunting task but here’s some guidance that should weed out any ‘cowboys’.
  1. Check that the company is a member of a recognised trade association such as the Guild of Master Sweeps or National Association of Chimney Sweeps in the UK.  Members of these associations have to undergo an extensive training and assessment process before attaining their accreditation.  Ask to see their certificates and paperwork as reassurance.
  2. Check the chimney sweeps level of experience particularly if your chimney is not a straightforward configuration.  Like most things in life there is no substitute for experience.
  3. Ask your neighbours if they can recommend a chimney sweep that they have used, providing they meet the above criteria.
  4. If you’re really cautious you could also check with your local Trading Standards for any complaints being held against the company.
This will give you a good sense of what the company is really about and whether you can trust them to do the work correctly.

Chimney Sweep Cost?
The cost of a professional chimney sweep will be dependent on various factors such as the type of appliance and chimney.  There is not a standard configuration therefore some chimney will take longer to sweep than others and will therefore cost more.  When contacting chimney sweep companies ask for an estimate as this will give you a benchmark when comparing different chimney cleaning quotes.

Preparing for the Chimney Sweep Visit
a)    Clean the grate of any ash, fuel or rubbish.
b)    Ensure there is sufficient space for the sweep to work in around the chimney area.
c)    Clear all ornaments and breakables from the hearth and mantle piece – it’s better to be safe than sorry.