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Cleaning can be a real housekeeping headache for busy people, so we have set up the Cleaning Directory to help you quickly find local Cleaners offering a wide variety of Cleaning Services.

The easiest way to find local cleaners is by using the SEARCH BOX (opposite)
  • Choose Cleaning Type required from the drop down list
  • Enter your postcode
  • Choose the distance that you wish to extend your search.

The Cleaning Directory is designed to be the only source of cleaning information you'll ever need to quickly find a local Cleaner in the UK.
The major Cleaning specialities on this site may be broadly broken out into:

Domestic Services:

* Domestic Cleaning
* Carpet Cleaning
* Window Cleaning
* Chimney Sweeps
* Bin Cleaning
* Driveway and Patio Cleaning
* Flat Surface Cleaning
* Mattress Cleaning

Laundry and Ironing:

* Dry Cleaners
* Ironing Services

Car Cleaning Services:

Car Valeting

Cleaning Information:

* Cleaning Tips
* Stain Removal
* Home Cleaning Checklist

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Selling a Cleaning Business:

* Cleaning Businesses For Sale
* Cleaning Franchises For Sale
* Cleaning Business Opportunities

* Start House Cleaning Business
* Start Window Cleaning Business
* Start Office Cleaning Business
* Start Carpet Cleaning Business

Commercial and Industrial
Cleaning Services:

* Office Cleaning
* Flat Surface Cleaning
* Computer Cleaning
* Duct Cleaning
* Ventilation Cleaning
* Ceiling Cleaning
* Builders Cleans
* Fire and Flood Restoration

Cleaning Equipment & Cleaning Products:

* Cleaning Supplies
* Industrial Cleaning Equipment
* Carpet Cleaning Equipment
* Window Cleaning Equipment


Information for Advertisers:
If your company provides Cleaning Services, why not let the Cleaning Directory promote your message to a hungry audience of local customers who are actively looking for a professional Cleaner. For more details click here.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How is the Cleaning Directory structured?
The Cleaning Directory is structured to allow you to find local cleaning services. You can find cleaners who are based in your town or you can find cleaning services close to your postcode – the choice is yours. We also allow you to select by type of Cleaning Business. For London there is also the option to choose a cleaner by postal district.
Here are some examples of selections people might use: Carpet Cleaning in Birmingham, Home Cleaning in Manchester or Car Valeting in Bristol, Window Cleaning in London SW11, Chimney Sweeps in London W5 or Oven Cleaning in London N12.

Why did you decide to structure the Cleaning Directory in this way?
Well in simple terms we have tried to replicate how ordinary people might search for Cleaning Services in their area, which in turn helps our pages to feature highly in the major search engines and means our advertisers receive enquiries from customers looking for cleaners in their catchment area.

What else do you do to make the Cleaning Directory friendly to search engines?
The content on the Cleaning Directory has been carefully researched to include popular cleaning search terms, which means when we are indexed by the Search Engines it is more likely that we will appear near the top of the results pages. For example, someone looking for a Carpet Cleaner in Cambridge might use any one of the following search terms: Carpet Cleaning in Cambridge, Carpet Cleaner In Cambridge, Cambridge Carpet Cleaning Services and so on. We try to build the popular phrases into our content to help our chances of being placed highly in the search results. We also do lots of other things behind the scenes to make our site popular.

How can I promote my cleaning business on the Cleaning Directory?
If you are a cleaning professional and wish to advertise your cleaning business on our site please click here for further information.
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