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Domestic Cleaning Staines

Domestic cleaning - Staines can be found in our Directory by either:
1) Clicking on the Staines domestic cleaning company names (if shown below) or
2) Using the Search Facility (opposite) to widen your selection.
Simply click on 'Domestic Cleaning' from the ‘Cleaner Type’ drop down list, and then choose how far you wish to extend your search to find domestic cleaners - Staines and surrounding areas.

For further information on how to select house cleaning companies in Staines, we suggest you visit our Domestic Cleaning main page or the Cleaning Tips section for stain removal and general cleaning advice.  If your company provides domestic cleaning services in Staines, why not let the Cleaning Directory promote your message to a wide audience of customers searching for local Staines domestic cleaners – see Advertise for further details.

Domestic cleaning services in Staines could be delivered in several ways; hence, you will need to vet domestic cleaning companies in order to verify they will fulfill your specific requirements. Listed below are the primary kinds of home cleaning services that could be seen in Staines:

1. Domestic Cleaning Organizations in Staines
These could range from sole traders through to substantial companies employing many cleaners; they might even be allied to a house cleaning franchise operation. Customers will in most cases be expected to accept formal contract showing the scope of the duties being performed, price of the work and the cleaning company’s small print, that should be looked over with care. If you're undecided about anything at all, ask them to clarify. They will usually have their own cleaning supplies and equipment, that are part of the offered cost. The job is ordinarily billed on the predetermined scope as opposed to exact hrs performed and you might not even have the very same worker(s) at each visit, as they usually operate in flexible crews. The house cleaning business must remunerate the employees directly and be responsible for Taxation requirements. Insurance cover is normally supplied but the quality of cover can vary, though the larger companies should provide liability insurance coverage for injuries / property damage and fidelity insurance cover in case of theft.

2. Domestic Cleaning Agencies in Staines
Primarily a House Cleaning Agency operates as a brokerage simply by matching domestic cleaners to clients seeking a regular  char. Cleaning agencies in Staines can be a franchisee of a larger domestic cleaning franchise. You will usually be asked to agree a formal agreement showing the minimum amount of hours to be performed each week, cost of the service plus the agency's small print, that should be scanned carefully. If you are unclear about something, ask them to explain. Usually the Agency would be answerable for thoroughly checking cleaners, providing vacation stand ins plus some degree of insurance, though seldom fidelity insurance cover in case of stealing. You will usually be required to supply a vacuum, cleaning equipment and products. The expense of the services are usually broken down into 2 components:
a) The fee paid out to the agency itself,, dependent upon the cleaner's contracted weekly hrs. It is typical for the cleaning agency fees to be remunerated by Direct Debit or Standing Order.
b) The wages, that you pay straight to the cleaner, normally in cash. Clients of Cleaning Agencies should be aware that the Inland Revenue might consider you as the cleaner's employer for taxation purposes and therefore responsible for deducting tax via PAYE, if applicable.

3. Private Domestic Cleaners in Staines

Private house cleaners in Staines are frequently found via local advertising or perhaps recommended by a chum. These tend to be casual 'cash in hand' arrangements, hence, it is rather unlikely that there will be a written contract or that any kind of insurance protection would be furnished by the cleaner. It could be a good idea to examine your home insurance coverage to ensure that you are protected for any accidents and damage caused to or by the cleaner whilst employed in your property.

When phoning domestic cleaning firms in Staines, it will be much appreciated if you would point out that you discovered their contact details in the Cleaning Directory.