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Oven Cleaning

Oven cleaning can be a dirty and hazardous job, just look on the useage instructions on most oven cleaner sprays and you will see that some pretty nasty chemicals are required to shift the burned on stains and residues.  You'll probably spend a fortune on protective googles, gloves and masks before you even start!  Instead we would recommend that you call a local oven cleaning company who will be able to skillfully dismantle your oven and carry out the dirty and hazardous work outside in their well equipped vans.  Oven cleaners will often offer other services such as cleaning AGAs, microwaves, hobs and BBQ's.  To find local oven cleaners either click on the town links below or use the Search Facility (on the right) by choosing 'Oven Cleaning' from the Cleaning Type drop down list.

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