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Start Carpet Cleaning Business

How do I start a carpet cleaning business is a question we are often asked.

There are many advantages of starting a carpet cleaning business:

ecession Resilient
As you are probably aware, the professional carpet cleaning business sector is booming. There are countless households and businesses in this country who have fitted expensive carpets which need regular cleaning to extend carpet life and protect their investment.  Nowadays carpet cleaning is regarded as a necessity rather than a luxury due to owners concerns about dangerous dirt and contaminates building up in their carpets caused by everyday foot traffic and pets.  In short, carpets can be a breeding ground for nasty bacteria and a source of bad odour in the household.

This makes the carpet cleaning sector extremely resilient to economic down-turns because owners are keenly aware that regular cleaning and maintenance helps keep carpet fibres healthy and attractive, thus providing peace of mind that they are living and working in a clean and healthy environment. This is particularly relevant when the occupants have small children or suffer from allergies - for example they are allergic to dust.
Unlimited Income Potential

With the right desire and application it is possible to start a carpet cleaning businesses very quickly – many new entrepreneurs have built substantial cleaning businesses (£100,000 per year within 12 months).  Of course you may wish to go at a slower rate but the margins are still extremely healthy.  Contrast that with holding down a job, with all the uncertainties of being made redundant.

Repeat Business

Once you've won a customer there is a very good chance they will use you again and again.

Quick To Set Up

Using the right methods and equipment it’s possible to be receiving customer inquiries within days, quoting for work within a week and actually undertaking jobs by week 2.  Within a few months you could be managing your own team of carpet cleaners and that’s when the profits really start to increase.

Easy To Learn

Carpet cleaning is simple work, it’s not rocket science.  Anybody can start a carpet cleaning business – there is no steep learning curve as with other trades and professions.

Be Your Own Boss

Nothing quite compares to the freedom, pride and buzz of running your own business.  It’s truly liberating to awake each morning knowing that you set the agenda to create a new destiny for yourself and family.

Set Your Own Hours

You choose when you work and when you want to take time off.  When you work smarter instead of harder, you’ll be amazed how much free time you can create.  You set your own schedule to match the work / life balance you want.

Regular Income

You get paid on a daily basis - no more waiting until the end of the month to get paid.  This makes personal budgeting far less stressful.  If you need more money just get more clients