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Start House Cleaning Business

How do I start a cleaning business is a question we are often asked. 
There are many advantages of starting a cleaning business:


Recession Resilient
There are countless households in this country who are cash rich but time poor.  The last thing they want to do when they arrive home from their stressful jobs and hectic lifestyles is to clean their house.  This makes the residential cleaning sector extremely resilient to economic down turns because the cleaning must get done by someone; you just need to target the right kind of clients.

High Income Potential
With the right desire and application it is possible to start and grow your cleaning business very quickly – many new entrepreneurs have built substantial cleaning businesses within 12 to 24 months.  Of course you may wish to go at a slower rate but the margins are still extremely healthy.  Contrast that with holding down a job, with all the uncertainties of being made redundant.

Fast To Set Up
If you know what your doing this business can be set up and earning income within 2 to 3 weeks.

Easy To Learn
Cleaning is simple work, it’s not rocket science.  There is no steep learning curve. 

Start On A Shoestring
You can start a cleaning business with relatively little money and grow it from there. Entrepreneur magazine states that setting up a cleaning business is one of the best start ups.

Positive Cash Flow
With our system your clients pay quarterly in advance which is great for cash flow, especially for a new business.

Be Your Own Boss
Nothing quite compares to the freedom, pride and excitement of running your own business.  It’s truly liberating to wake up each morning knowing that you are setting the agenda to create a new life for you and your family.

Set Your Own Hours
Don't get me wrong, this is not a 'get rich quick' scheme requiring no effort on your part.  Unfortunately in the real world you only get out what you are willing to put in.  However, this business is flexible so you could run it part time if you wish or build it at your own pace.

Regular Income
No more waiting until the end of the month to get paid.  This makes personal budgeting far less stressful.  If you need more money just get more clients.

Work From Home
There is no need to rent an expensive office - just set up an office in your own home.  My commute is a flight of stairs and a detour via the kitchen to pick up a coffee.

So what's holding you back from jumping in with both feet? 
Well, if you have no experience of starting a cleaning business you are probably feeling out of your depth and wondering how to get the venture off the ground. 

Don't worry we have the answer .....

We have produced a step by step comprehensive blueprint of how to start a domestic cleaning agency.  We've been there and done it, so you can learn from our mistakes and hit the ground running with your new and exciting money making venture.  We call our system Cleaning Goldmine because we truly believe it offers the opportunity to earn you a substantial income.


This is a white collar management opportunity so you won't have to do any cleaning yourself.  You will have low overheads because you won't have to employ people & run a payroll and you won't have to supply cleaning products or equipment.  Your job will be to find local cleaners and introduce them to clients who want a regular cleaner.  You will act as a middleman and earn significant ongoing agency fees from your clients.  Infact the average client will pay you £350 to £400 per year to use your service.  Now imagine you secure 200 to 300 clients within 24 to 36 months and perhaps you can start to see the potential of this business.

Our manual provides all the information you need to start a cleaning agency.  We will teach you everything there is to know including:

  • An overview of the companies operating in the UK house cleaning market.
  • How to legally avoid the red tape which other companies are saddled with.
  • The specific advantages your domestic cleaning agency will have over the competition.
  • How to undertake market research and set your rates.
  • Budgeting.
  • Choosing an effective business name.
  • Contract forms explained and specimens provided.
  • Business insurance - we explain what's required and what's not needed.
  • Prelaunch checklist - this will keep you focussed and on track when you launch your business - just follow our simple instructions and your agency will be ready to launch in no time.
  • How to find cleaners - we tell you where to advertise and promote your agency to get a steady stream of cleaners calling you.
  • How to vet cleaners - what you absolutely must do to ensure you provide honest, reliable and experienced cleaners.
  • How to carry out initial telephone vetting of cleaners - this will save you hours of work and filter out unsuitable candidates.
  • How to train cleaners to deliver a brilliant service - we supply you with our complete cleaner booklet as an example for you to use.
  • How to monitor cleaner's hours - we supply specimen forms and procedures.
  • Identifying client rich areas - we help you recognise where to promote your business for maximum returns.
  • How to market your agency through various online and traditional channels - we supply you with all the tools and example marketing materials.
  • Dealing with client enquiries - we provide a tried and tested script to keep you on track.
  • Presenting your services to clients and dealing with objections - our full client presentation is provided.
  • How to automate your client payments so you minimise late payments and hours of admin - we provide a specimen bank mandate form provided.
  • Managing client door keys - specimen form provided.
  • Education your clients to ensure a smooth working relationship with their cleaners - we supply you with our complete client booklet as an example for you to use
  • The day to day running of your agency - we explain typical queries and how to deal with them.
  • Organisation and record keeping - how to set up your files and records.
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Ideas for future business development - this could be a huge money spinner once your agency is established
  • Suggested forms and stationery with discounted prices - we detail exactly what you will need.

On top of all of this we are offering 4 excellent free of charge bonuses:

  1. 30 days of free and unlimited email support so you feel secure in the knowledge that you'll have someone to hold your hand when you set up your business.  Unlike other so called experts we are not here to sell you a manual and walk away.  We want you to succeed.  This kind of real world support is priceless and can make the difference between success and failure.
  2. Free website package.  A good website will act as your 'recruitment sergeant' 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 
  3. 12 months free advertising on this site (  Normal cost £99 plus VAT.
  4. The opportunity for you to purchase your agency's stationery and forms at trade prices.  Save hundreds of pounds and a great deal of time by using our artwork and ordering through our trade printers.

How much does the manual cost?

If you apply yourself and take action this is an opportunity to make the sort of earnings that will give you a very comfortable lifestyle, but don't worry we are not going to ask for the sort of money that franchise operations charge.  They can charge you upwards of £10,000 PLUS ongoing monthly fees!  You would also be restricted on where you can trade, usually being limited to certain postcodes.  With our system you can trade anywhere you wish.

We want this business to be available to decent hard working people who are on a tight budget, so we are making our 170 page manual available to you for only £157 plus VAT.  If you look around you may find cheaper manuals but in our experience they are usually written by people who have never run a cleaning business before, or by 'Mrs Mopp' operations where they actually do the cleaning.  There is nothing wrong with hard graft but in our opinion this is never going to make you a lot of money.  If you want the potential to earn a lot more you need to learn from people who have actual hands on experience in running a successful domestic cleaning agency.  When you consider our bonuses and the support we are offering, this really is an opportunity to learn the trade secrets at an incredibly low one off cost.

The manual is supplied as an instant download (easy to read pdf format).

Don't hesitate, this is your big chance to turn your dreams into reality. 

Start your new life today by clicking on the button below: