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Window Cleaning

Window cleaning can be a pain in the backside for busy people and it can also be down right dangerous especially when cleaning upstairs windows.  Infact many people are seriously injured each year by falling off ladders.  Life's too short so let us quickly find local window cleaners - simply use the SEARCH BOX (opposite):

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UK window cleaning companies basically fall into 2 main categories:

1) Residential Window Cleaners
These are the guys who who build up a window cleaning round to service the needs of domestic customers.  They will visit your property at regular intervals to clean your windows and will either take payment in cash or by standing order.  Each house is priced up on the number of windows to be cleaned.  Within the domestic market there are primarily two distinct cleaning systems used:
a ) 'Ladder and Bucket'
This is the conventional method of using a chamois leather, squeegee and a bucket and water to hand clean your windows.  Insurance premiums for this method are quite expensive making conventional window cleaners difficult to find in some areas.
b) Water Pole
This is a relatively new technique which involves feeding pure water through hoses, up a pole to a cleaning brush.  The operator simply brushes the windows vigorously to remove dirt and does not attempt to remove any residue water because the special water used dries without a stain.  The advantages of this system are that window cleaners do not have to use a ladder making it safer and quicker for them to work.

2) Commercial Window Cleaning
As the name suggests these companies service the needs of business users.  You often see them in cradles cleaning windows on tall buildings - rather them than me!

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