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Window Cleaning Rounds For Sale

We are building a list of window cleaning rounds for sale which will be displayed below as and when we get them.

When assessing a window cleaning business for sale be sure to carry out proper due diligence to ensure the sale goes as smoothly as possible.  Check the turnover for the round and it's geographical range.  A round spread over a large area can be quite time consuming and increase overheads.  Find out if training will be provided (if necessary) and an introduction to existing customers.  This is essential if you are new to window cleaning or are unfamiliar with the equipment.  Get a list of any equipment and vehicles included in the purchase and ensure the seller offers you exclusivity to the area you have purchased, as you would not want him re-entering the area at a later date and poaching your customers.  If in doubt draw up a proper contract with a solicitor.  Also make sure you have proper window cleaning insurance because you never know when an accident may occur.

If you have a window cleaning round for sale why not let the Cleaning Directory promote your business for a low one-off fee of £25 plus VAT.  We feature quite highly in the major Search Engines for various types of cleaning businesses for sale - for further details on this great offer call 01252 890630.